Arcadian Museum of Art and History

Museum of Art and History is a very important museum, absolutely compatible with spiritual Arcadia.

Based on the collection of I. Christodoulopoulos with over 500 drawings and engravings of important European and Greek authors.

Collecting stretches four centuries of art, from the 16th century and is wisely structured to detect all aspects of the Arcadian mystery.

Stories on topics myths and utopian detects Arcadia of tourists, devotes a separate chapter to the Revolution, pays tribute to the pastoral life and explains why the forest and mountain, are pillars of the Arcadian ideal. 's library museum counts over 1000 titles and many of them are rare and hard to find.

The fairgrounds are spread over 600 sq, dedicated to the beauty and singularity of Arcadia.

Attracts influential personalities often make periodic reports of particular importance. Located 25 kilometers from Tripoli.

Source: Municipality of Tripoli