Wineries Arcadia

The wine always flowed in Arcadia is not simply a product is a sacred gift. need nutritious soil, mild winters, fine rain, sun and protection from winds. All nature is working to become the trusses, the varytimo bunch. From then takes the man.

The wine tradition is huge in Arcadia, every bottle of wine hidden in the wisdom, love, technique and dedication moschophilero The Mantinea is the hallmark of Arcadia. Since 2012 will be protected designation of origin and sparkling wines of Mantinea ploutainontas enjoyment.

Wineries Mantinea is a whole world of pleasure and tradition. A walk in these magic workshops are necessary when someone found in Tripoli.

Entering into the secrets of wine you'll enjoy even more the wine of Mantinea.

We've done the walk our Winery nun and I recommend it highly!

(Tel. 2710 222 290, burns - Mantinea)

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